How to make pasta like Ooma did ( + Marcella....)

Say NO to plain white pasta with sauce on the side!

special technique to get that pasta to absorb the marinara sauce and take it to the sublime.

special technique to get that pasta to absorb the marinara sauce and take it to the sublime.

When you cook for yourself, friends, family, you want to make your pasta taste just like it would in Rome. Its easy to achieve but you have to take a moment for one more step. After you drain the pasta put half the sauce into the pot and let simmer and just after it simmers put the pasta back in and put burner on high for less than a minute while you give the pasta a good spin and let that sauce absorb totally into the pasta. We marry them together....  The half of the sauce should be in another pot and ready to pour over the soaked pasta. Easy! Right??!

Lasagne with chicken, artichokes, spinach, mushrooms + bechamel

Lasagne is such a delicious decadent meal. Perfect with a salad. The wonderful thing about it is that it can be done in so many ways and is hard to do wrong. I like to use béchamel sauce sometimes but especially with chicken. I also use a ricotta, parmigiano-reggiano, mozzarella mixture. Anyway you do it, I am sure it will come out delicious, especially using Ooma Tesoro's Marinara Sauce! When I used to make lasagne and cook the marinara on the stove (before we started our business) it would be a day long project. But with a jarred marinara (that tastes like homemade) it completely changes the game. Here's the recipe:

Lasagne pasta (can buy non boil kind….very easy)

26oz jar of Ooma Tesoro's Marinara Sauce (

14 oz can whole artichokes

bella or white button mushrooms, sliced (to taste)

5oz fresh spinach

2 chicken breasts grilled/poached & shredded (can be omitted)

2 chopped medium sweet onions

olive oil

4 cloves of garlic

2-3 tablespoons flour

2-3 tablespoons butter

1 cup of milk

1 cup shredded/grated mozzarella cheese

1 cup grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

1 cup ricotta cheese


glass/ceramic bake lasagne tray (9x13 or smaller)

pre-heat oven 350 degrees.

In med/large pan, on medium heat heat some butter and olive oil mince a clove of garlic and chopped yellow onions, cooked until onions clear.

Add drained can of artichokes and then sliced mushrooms, cook all down until mushrooms have softened and made liquid. Do not over cook.

Add shredded chicken and just warm it up with mixture, do not cook more. (unless not fully cooked) set aside.

 For béchamel sauce:

In saucepan, tablespoon of butter, 2 cloves of minced garlic, cook garlic until clear but not brown. Add tablespoon of flour then wisk, adding milk slowly. Keep wisking as thickens, add more flour if needs more thickening. Should be a thick white sauce, you can add more milk or flour if needed. Set aside.


have all “layers” ready before assembling, including warmed tomato sauce, Cheeses mixed in a bowl.

Begin by small layer of béchamel (white sauce)

layer of lasagne noodles

layer of Ooma Tesoro's

layer of cheese

layer of artichoke/chicken mixture

layer of béchamel

layer of lasagne noodle…….

Keep going until seems like it might overflow.

 Should have a layer of pasta on top and layer that with béchamel sauce and top with cheese. 


Cover with tinfoil on top of a flat metal pan and put in the oven….for 35 minutes. Check that it is bubbling. Then TAKE off FOIL and let cook for another 10 minutes or so until top is brown and is bubbling. Let cool for 30 minutes before eating.

Berkshire Grown Holiday Markets are back!!

This weekend we begin the holiday market season once again. Starting in Great Barrington, MA on Saturday 11/21 at Monument Valley Middle School and on Sunday 11/22 at the Williams College field house both are from 10AM-2PM. These are wonderful markets filled with many talented makers from Berkshire County and around. This will be the 6th year that we have participated starting with our first month of business in November 2009. We always love to return. We hope to see you there if you are in the neighborhood! Stock up on all your Thanksgiving needs.

Hello, World!

We had an amazing time at Fresh Grass Festival at Mass MoCA during the weekend of September 18-20. We dished out bowls of pasta, meatballs, bolognese, and kale with mushrooms. It was a big hit! Even the kids helped out. What a fantastic event. Check it out next year –

We have lots more to tell you and will be updating with stories and recipes! Stay tuned!

Robin & Michael T